Board Updates

Each year, a new board takes the helm of IABC Edmonton. This generally includes some veterans alongside some newbies. Individually managing one of several portfolios, the board also comes together each month to share, discuss and collaborate around a shared goal of providing our local chapter members with news and resources, special and professional development events and networking opportunities.

This section is dedicated to updates from the board. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest chapter news.

If you have a general inquiry for the board, contact us.

For more specific questions, feel free to email board members directly. They’re all just regular people—as regular as we business communicators can be—and are always happy to help!

Latest Updates

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the incredible candidates who put their names forward to join the IABC Edmonton Board of Directors – and to the many board members who will be continuing in 2020/2021. The past year has been like none other – and our dedicated Board has overseen some major projects (new website, professional development, revamped Capital Awards for COVID-19 times), as well as worked hard daily to keep members connected to each other, job opportunities, and valuable resources. I am happy to announce the proposed IABC Edmonton Board slate for 2020/2021 beginning July 1, 2020. I invite all our members to join us the evening of June 18th for our first ever virtual AGM and networking session. Save the date and more details will be coming!

Below is the proposed IABC Edmonton Board slate for 2020/2021. 

Position, Proposed Candidate

Past President, Megan Thorburn
President, Suzanne Pescod
Vice President, Elizabeth Bunney
Senior Director, Administration, Rolando Inzunza*
Senior Director, Finance, Nicole Monaco
Senior Director, Programming, Hilary Anaka
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Jenna Hickman*
Senior Director, Volunteers, Elizabeth Tadman-Kickham
Senior Director, Membership, Phoebe Dey*
Senior Director, Special Projects, Elizabeth Gusnoski
Director, Sponsorship, Jesse Ives
Director, Jobline and Email Marketing, Hiba Kamal
Director, Content, Katie Fitzgerald
Director, Website, Paige Lawson
Director, Social Media, Natalie LaBuick*
Director, Member Relations, Kylie Robertson*
Director, Student Development, Angela Scoble*
Director, Member Research, Summer Scott*
Director, Mentorship, Kerry Bezzanno*
Director, Certification, Jackie Sargent
Director, Events, Catherine Lee Hannley*
Director, Professional Development, Amanda Morris
Director, Capital Awards, Mahum Chaudhary

*New Board Members

Suzanne Pescod
Vice President, IABC Edmonton

Board Resources