IABC Corporate Membership

Discounts for Five or More

Savings, Convenience, and Priority Service

IABC offers corporate (group) membership as a service to members:

  • 5 or more members from the same company bundle their memberships with the same renewal date for discounts.
  • 3 levels:  Bronze (5-15 employees), Silver (16-30), and Gold (31+).
  • Silver and Gold PLUS packages combine membership with professional development, customized for your organization.

Corporate members get increased benefits at a reduced cost:

  • SAVINGS. 5%-10% on dues going forward.
  • CONVENIENCE. Easy renewal only once a year.
  • RECOGNITION. Your company is listed on the IABC website with link to your URL, reinforcing your brand.
  • COMPLIMENTARY TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP. Replace a member who leaves your company with another employee at no charge (within the first nine months), protecting your investment.
  • PRIORITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. One “go-to” staff member at IABC to service your account, providing faster service.
  • DEEPER DISCOUNTS. 10% deeper discounts on IABC World Conference registration and Job Centre postings.

Other helpful information:

  • Many companies form more than one group.
  • Members in the same group may be in any location.
  • It is easy to combine current and new members in a group (IABC prorates dues of current members to get them on-cycle with the group).

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For more information on the corporate package process, please email corporate_membership@iabc.com or call 1-800-776-4222.