Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We got answers.

How long will the posting be up?

Postings run for a maximum of eight consecutive weeks. We strongly recommend that you run your job for at least one week in Jobline (Monday–Monday).

What if I want the posting to run longer?

If your posting expires and you would like it redistributed in Jobline, resubmit your posting and payment via the Jobline form.

Will my posting appear on IABC International’s site?

Posting a job with IABC Edmonton does not post it to IABC International (and vice versa). If you would like to post with International, please visit Please note that IABC Edmonton cannot refund any payments made to the job site.

I don’t think my posting went through. What should I do?

Some corporate firewalls prevent our website form from working properly. If you receive an error while using the form, please email us immediately so that we can help you submit your posting.

I submitted a posting last week. Why didn’t it appear?

You did not make your payment by end of business day Friday. Once payment is received, we will run the posting the week after.

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