You know that amazing feeling you get when you’re part of a group of quirky communicators all pitching in to create innovative programs and services for your industry? If not, get in here!

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We’re always looking for writers, columnists, reporters, photographers, and coordinators. If you’re willing to donate some time, you’re in.

Volunteer Opportunities

Check out the current volunteer listings to find an opportunity suited to your unique personality, skills and interests.

Volunteer Policy

Anyone with an interest in communications is welcome to sign up to become a volunteer. Our policy provides a brief overview of how it all works.

Gaining Value

Want to get more value out of your IABC membership? Then consider the benefits of volunteering with IABC Edmonton.

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Non-profit organizations looking for communications support? 
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If you’re interested in having fun, adding to your portfolio, lending a hand, and connecting with other communicators, and you’re willing to donate some time, you’re in.