Importance of Written Communication in Business

Communication and language use are important throughout our daily lives. We speak with our co-workers, employees, friends and family. But, what about written communication? There are many examples of written communication throughout our ancient history to modern day. Organizations use written communication to pass on information and to facilitate learning to employees through: policies, procedures, training manuals, knowledge-based articles, websites and through email communication.

Communication encompasses each department in an organization. Business leaders need to effectively communicate with their teams to create a cohesive web of thought and precision. Without the documented roots of the business, it can be nearly impossible for the tree to grow and bare fruit that will give you and the business stability.
Written communications can outline information that can be easily referred to throughout someone’s tenure at a company to ensure the efficacy of operations.

For an example, let’s say your organization has an event that runs annually. This event takes months to prepare for and there’s a lot of moving parts which can make or break the event. Having the processes, the vendors, the roles of each individual clearly written out in a event plan can allow for a more streamlined event and happy guests.

What makes for well written communication? For starters, the piece should be concise, related, cohesive, thoughtful and understandable. Clear document on processes can help boost a department’s efficiency. The effectiveness of a team allows for better work relationships, personal wellbeing and can reduce business turnover. The goal of written communication is to pass knowledge onto the reader, to guide them, to assist them with their work and to achieve the best results for the team or organization.

Kaela Raimundo is a recent college graduate from NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program, nature enthusiast and animal lover. She found her passion in writing after making a big career move and is currently working for the Government of Alberta. She recently developed a volunteer management program guide for a local non-profit and enjoys cooking, reading books and helping her community in her spare time.

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