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The Value of Volunteering with the IABC

Volunteering looks great on a resume, gets you into your field, and gives you benefits that can last your entire life. You meet people in your field, you gain professional friends and colleagues, and you get great experience. All these reasons and more should be pushing you to volunteer with the IABC.

You’re a real GEM (and other reasons to attend this year’s Capital Awards)

The Capital Awards are a celebration of the Edmonton communications community, and they are coming up soon! On May 31, we are celebrating communications GEMS at the Matrix hotel – and whether you’re submitting your work for consideration or not, you’ll certainly leave with some GEMS of your own. Here are the 3 reasons why you need to attend the Capital Awards gala this year.

Defining the IABC Edmonton Community by Member Careers and Experience

Our IABC #YEG community boasts 500 members and counting with varying experience, skill sets, and roles at over 200 organizations in Edmonton. Our anonymous summary of our members’ career stats will show you why IABC Edmonton is the place to meet and learn from industry professionals with a shared appetite for all things Comms!

Why Mobile is Essential to Successful Internal Communications

As the lines continue to blur between personal and corporate communications, now more than ever, taking a mobile approach to internal communication is imperative to strategic success. So what has IABC Edmonton done to keep up with the times?