Personal Branding: 6 Tips on Portraying the Real You

As a business communicator, being active and present on social media is becoming more and more important every day. Creating and upholding a professional online persona is a lot of work, and can be extremely difficult, but much like networking, it can really pay off in the end. Below, you will find 6 tips that will help you create and upkeep a brand that will transcend all social mediums and portray a professional, personal, and real you that you’ll be proud to show the world.

Do your Research

Though it may not seem like research is necessary to create a profile about you, it’s extremely important to do your research before you start executing your social media/personal branding plan. Considering which social media platforms you will be present on and ensuring that you understand the best ways to use each one is important; making the most effective use of your media is essential to your success.

Know your Audience

Your brand, your message, and your media are all geared towards a specific audience; this time around, you get to pick that audience. The difference in your site if you’re looking to attract business communicators and editors will be exponential; being aware of your audience and what they will be looking for is quintessential to creating the type of blog/social media that will direct your intended audience (and sometimes your unintended audience) to your site over others.

Know Yourself

Much like writing a cover letter and a resume, your personal branding is a way to sell yourself to your audience. You want them to like you, to connect with you, and to come back to read your blog and see your social media posts. Learning what parts about yourself you want to market most prominently will help you find a cohesive voice and topic for your personal brand.

Be a Real, Unique, Transparent Person

Especially in today’s digital universe, it’s important for audiences to remember that there’s a physical person with a brain, ink-stained fingers, and something important to say on the other side of the screen. Don’t write like a robot: ensure that the tone of your professional brand comes through every social media post and blog post. Give your audience a reason to come back to your media, and make that reason be you.

Post Consistently

The number one reason that social media and online accounts crash is when people post consistently for the first month and then slowly watch as their posts dwindle to once every week, once every two weeks, then down to nothing. Make yourself a posting schedule and stick to it; the more planning you do, the more likely you are to remember to consistently post, and the more traffic your media is likely to get.

Leave a Mark

You are an entirely unique person; no one sees the world the same way you do. Find a way to leave a mark on the people you’re writing for and make sure that they remember you and what you have to say. It’s easy to just post things about your everyday life, but make sure you’re finding ways to inspire your audience and remind them that they can do great and wonderful things. Your adventures should inspire their adventures.
So there you have it! 6 tips that will help you keep your personal brand going/get your media off the ground. Remember: the key is to create a brand that’s professional, but reminds readers of the real person that’s behind the brand. Good luck!

Kyra Droog is an Edmonton-based editor, writer, and Oxford comma enthusiast. She is a 3rd year Bachelor of Communication Studies student at MacEwan University, looking at entering the publishing field after graduation. You can find her communications/pop-culture/fitness-based blog at