You’re a real GEM (and other reasons to attend this year’s Capital Awards)

There’s less than two months to go until this year’s IABC Edmonton Capital Awards, an exciting night for Edmonton’s communications community. This year the awards are on May 31 at the Matrix hotel in downtown Edmonton. The theme for this year’s Capital Awards is ‘GEMS’, a fitting undertone to a night that is all about celebrating communications success in Edmonton, and the creative teams and individuals that made them happen. With just two months left to go, this means that there’s even less time left to submit your GEM of an idea for consideration (April 8 is the deadline). But hey – even if you’ve decided not to submit your work for an award this year, there are plenty of other reasons why you should be attending this year’s IABC Edmonton Capital Awards gala.

Before we get to those reasons, let’s talk about GEMS, to put this all in context. From a geological perspective, a gem is considered rare and beautiful, and can come from many different minerals or rocks. Gems aren’t just found – they are rocks and minerals that are cut and polished to reveal more luster and shine before they are ever considered to be gems, and each is different than the next once it becomes a gem. Ok, enough with the geology lesson – the reason the process of creating a gem is so relevant here is that it’s a great analogy to the transformative work that many of us do in the communications field with new and old ideas every day. And like the creative process, we transform our ‘diamonds in the rough’ from seemingly unrefined in their initial visual or abstract form, to illuminated and actualized ideas.

Not only that, but the process of creating gems is a great way to reflect on ourselves (the real GEMS!). Like great ideas and like gems, you and your career aren’t just found but are part of a process that is evolving you every day, taking you far from where you started to where you are now. Which ideas did you bring to their full potential this year? How did you evolve? What are you most proud of? Think about it, and then remember that May 31 at the Capital Awards is your night to shine – and here’s why:

  1. You’re a real GEM!
    Your peers, prospective clients, and potential future employers make up the audience at the Capital Awards gala – this is a great night to network, and to market your skills and talents to them. The gala is a great opportunity to showcase YOU (and your work if you’ve submitted it for consideration).
  2. Shine bright like a GEM
    If you’ve submitted your gem for consideration this year, this night is a great moment of recognition for you and your team! And, as one of the largest chapters with approximately 500 members, this is a great opportunity to gain recognition in front of a very influential group of professional communicators. Whether or not you walk away with the award, the work that you’ve done over the last year, your abilities and talents should be celebrated – enjoy the night with colleagues, new connections, and the IABC team!
  3. GEM-envy – Get inspired!
    Every person who receives a Capital Award has an incredible story to tell. Every story from a Capital Awards winner has an impact on the industry, and highlights some of the remarkable practices and people within the communications field today. IABC receives so many inspiring entries of such a high standard, that there will be no shortage of excited communicators who are happy to chat about the work they are doing. You’ll also hear from the IABC Edmonton president and other IABC members throughout the night. It will leave you feeling inspired and determined to be a part of that excitement, and to strive to achieve a Capital Award for your work in the future.

The Capital Awards are held to celebrate IABC Edmonton, our communicators, and the amazing work that has been done in our very own city over the past year. Be a part of this GEM of a night and join us as we proudly celebrate the Edmonton communications GEMS at this year’s gala.

You can buy your tickets here.

Erica Wilson is a Business Proposal Specialist, who works with business development professionals and senior leadership at IT consulting company CGI to manage the pursuit process, with responsibility for development of strategic client-specific business proposals.

Erica knows that the work of business communicators reaches beyond roles that call it out by name, and in her role has been instrumental in crafting impactful client communications that convey strong brand values and effective win strategies, and that connect with and reflect the client’s business perspective.

Erica has been an IABC Edmonton member since 2015, and is in her second year of volunteering.

Erica holds a MA in Communications from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto.