Welcome to 2020 IABC YEG

By Alexandra Hryciw, Senior Director, IABC Edmonton

For the past six years, I’ve been a communications volunteer, board director, and now Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for IABC Edmonton. This portfolio leads a large team of dedicated communications professionals that manage the only front facing communications IABC Edmonton has:

  1. Jobline and Email Marketing, Director – Hiba Kamal
  2. Social Media, Director – Katie Fitzgerald 
  3. Monthly FYI Newsletter and The Communicator (IABC Edmonton’s blog), Director – Laura Konsorada
  4. Website, Director – Paige Lawson

Our entire board played a critical role in supporting this website project (a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who answered an “urgent” email, or a random 10:00 p.m. call). My team above went the extra mile to keep things running smoothly during the transition: Katie and her team relentlessly informed you about events through social media communications. Hiba manually invoiced you for Jobline submissions while we built an interim web page. Laura ensured content hit your inbox, blog or no blog posts. And lastly, Paige, was my right-hand partner and lead organizer of this work. Her attention to detail and “get-the-job-done” attitude truly pushed this forward.

The website has been an ongoing discussion for many years – an extensive project that needed strong direction, investment, and a commitment to see it through from beginning to end in one board year. I’m incredibly thrilled to announce WE HAVE A NEW SITE!

We are collectively really proud of this website and the ease with which it will connect you to IABC Edmonton in a more informative and seamless way. This new site (built with the help of Kick Point Digital Marketing) is intuitive. It will allow our members to easily access information about events, programming, careers, membership, and our board – which is surprisingly our most visited page. The site will also be able to adapt to your needs. We’ll actively track which pages are of most importance to you and change the design to ensure your needs are met. With that in mind, I hope you’ll take a moment to explore it! Please let us know if you find a broken link, or see outdated information. 

On a personal note –  this is my last and final year on the board. It’s truly been a pleasure working so closely with the Edmonton communications community and the IABC board team. I’ve made lasting relationships and learned so much. My final ask is that you consider getting involved in some way. Come out to an event, ask a board member for coffee, volunteer, or join the board! There’s an incredible group of leaders here that would be happy to work with you. 

I’ll still be around – see you at the next event, hopefully enjoying some wine (in-person if possible).