Whoomp, there it is! Wanna know why you should get prepped for IABC’s Capital Awards 2021?

You’ve got mail! If you didn’t already know, we’re gonna be shaking things up for the Capital Awards this year in the most fly way.

Proudly sponsored by our home skillets over at zag, we are celebrating the invention and growth of the World Wide Web. Did you know all the awesome things you can do with it? Effective marketing, visual communications and 24/7 engagement with a super wide audience, among other gains. 

We all know 2020 was a bleak year, but we resilient communicators always come slingin’ back up like a yo-yo. Since last year’s program was unfortunately cancelled, your work can date back to January 2019. Two whole years of progress – let’s see how far you’ve come!

What did you learn in the last two years? Which ideas are you most proud of? Did you work on any special projects during COVID-19? Here are a few reasons to participate in the Capital Awards 2021: 

Realize that you’re da bomb dot com

Are you an ambitious student? A determined new communications practitioner? A focused mid-level practitioner? A senior communications pro? We acknowledge the work and excellence in the Communications field, whatever your level or background. Your skills, talents and hard work should be recognized! Let your peers, future employers and potential clients know what you can do. Get your name out there and claim recognition for you and your team! Booyah!

Network and get to know your fellow peeps

The Capital Awards 2021 is an amazing opportunity to network. Did you know that IABC Edmonton has a local community of over 450 members? All with a passion for communication, you’ll definitely find some cool peeps to vibe with. Get jiggy with new connections and the IABC team on May 28 as we celebrate Edmonton’s awesome communicators! 

Express yourself, oh baby ready or not

Every member of IABC Edmonton has a story to tell. From public relations, to internal and external communications, to advertising and marketing, to graphic design, you’re all that and a bag of chips! You’re sure to meet communicators who are totally buggin’ to tell you what they’ve been working on. The Capital Awards give you a chance to express yourself and to get inspired by other homies in your field.

Did you know?

This year, we have two new rad categories under Division 1: Communication Management: 

  • COVID-19 Response and Recovery
  • Diversity and Inclusion

You can still submit all your amazing videos, writings, publications, and other communication tools done for COVID-19-related programs under the regular Division 4: Communication Skills.

So, whatcha waitin’ for? Take a break from your Tamagotchi, Etch A Sketch, or Easy Bake Oven, and scope out your floppy disk for your best work from January 2019 to February 2021. Gather your most radical, creative, high-speed work and submit online now! We’re eager to see all your fabulous submissions.

While you wait, grab your Sony Discman and blast our poppin’ selection of Capital Awards 2021 tunes. Let your body groove to the music and blame it on the boogie! 

Once you get that rad work submitted, make sure to pick up your tickets!

Blog written by: Deanna Kibap, IABC Student Member. 

Deanna is currently a Public Relations student at MacEwan University and volunteers for the IABC Capital Awards team. In her free time, you can find her geeking out over languages, trying out new recipes, discovering new books, jamming on her guitar, and daydreaming about travelling.