Impossible means nothing to you (that’s why you’re submitting a Capital Awards application)

The 2020 Capital Awards celebrate the fact that Edmonton communicators “Create the Impossible” every day. 

You design, delegate and write — distilling information to its simplest, yet most effective form. Impossible means nothing to you. 

Whether it’s a tricky task or a pressing deadline, you face it, you conquer it and you move on to the next one. 

“Every day I think we are challenged with ‘Creating the Impossible’ and turning communication challenges into opportunities,” says IABC Edmonton Senior Director of Administration Elizabeth Bunney. Elizabeth volunteered with the Capital Awards team for several years before also serving as the Director for 2017/18 and 2018/19. “I think [this year’s theme] is fitting because when you create the impossible, you show the real value of our profession which is incredibly rewarding.”

“It never hurts to be able to add ‘award-winning communicator’ to your bio or resume,” adds IABC Edmonton Vice President Suzanne Pescod. Suzanne also served as the Capital Awards Director for 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17. “Edmontonians are pretty amazing – we take risks, we push envelopes and we tell stories […] More and more we are seeing people putting those stories at the forefront of the work they are doing and it’s amazing to watch the results when people feel connected to an organization, a company, a person…and we are doing this in better and better ways.”

“We bring a perspective to the table that creates change and shapes the conversation, which is massive,” says current Capital Awards Director Mahum Chaudhary. “There’s no challenge too great when you have a communicator on board because they’re daring and provocative.” When it comes to the industry, Mahum says, “There’s a tremendous amount of space in Edmonton for non-traditional communicators to inspire change, drive organizations towards success and to impart a legacy. The job requires versatility, flexibility and diligence. In Edmonton, you can make your mark and eat your cake too!”

The Capital Awards program is Northern Alberta’s premier awards program for communications professionals. Submit your work before the April 6 deadline to show what’s possible. Visit for more information or to submit your entry.

Bio: Lindsay Jessup is a Communications Advisor with the Government of Alberta and has been volunteering with IABC Edmonton since 2016. If she’s not on her phone, she’s probably at the dog park, out for a run, or watching Netlix. You can connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn