IABC Capital Awards Creative Sponsor Spotlight – Jen Madole

Meet Jen Madole, award-winning Art Director, who brings 12 years of out-of-this-world experience to the zag team. The team at zag has been a longtime friend of IABC Edmonton, mainly as the creative sponsor for Capital Awards since 2018. 

What was zag’s inspiration for this year’s theme? 

Our Creative Director, myself and team were inspired by how this event would, once again, be held in a physical space. As we anticipated coming together and celebrating communications, we wanted to ensure that the theme acknowledged the innovation and adaptation communicators used to approach the work in the last year. To us, the theme ‘the New Frontier of Communications’ infuses the hopefulness of our time and the work being accomplished. During the pandemic, we bravely faced the unknown and explored new avenues of communication and space through creativity. This truly reminded us of how space, as a new frontier, is challenged by humanity, and we wished to show the parallels between exploring the universe and communicators exploring the ever-changing landscape of our industry. 

We heard you drew all of our Capital Awards illustrations by hand …. tell us more? 

The illustrations were inspired by the creative journey. Together as a team, we discussed what objects and things best represent that journey. From a cup of coffee to an artist’s palette. We wanted to juxtapose the vast with the small and play homage to space exploration. The illustrations were all done digitally within Procreate in a bright, limited colour palette, using textured brushes and patterns to give them more character. 

What’s your favorite part of working on Capital Awards? 

Every year it allows us to take a step back and think about the great creatives within our city. It allows us to explore different ideas and honour the work being done.

– – – – – – – 

Tickets to the 2022 Capital Awards are now on sale! Join us, and Jen, for a cocktail reception celebrating the best in Edmonton Communications. Visit our Launch Pad for more info and to check out Jen’s work! 

Are you ready for take off? We know we are!