Dial-up with us for a digi good time at IABC Capital Awards 2021!

Have you and your team called dibs on your Capital Awards tickets yet? If not, there’s still time! 

This zag sponsored day of celebrating achievements has rolled out the red carpet and awaits your arrival as you macarena virtually through our gates of nostalgia to good ‘90s beats. So grab your bling, give dial-up a ring and join us for a zigazig ahhh-some Capital Awards event with familiar faces sharing success stories, applauding victories, making memories, and guffawing at a sketch comedy. This is an event you do not want to miss! 

Still not convinced? Allow me to dish you the 411!

Grab the digits and stay connected!

That’s right! The past neverending year has been hella unreal like we’re on candid camera 24/7 with pandemic stresses and messes.  But we communicators are tenacious creatures with our lean, mean macbook machines ready to churn up bombastic contents to keep audiences informed, engaged and safe. We are indeed survivors. It’s been a year of learning, exploring, and zooming while freewheeling in pajama pants. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there: Feeling pretty fly from the top up but really just chillin’ from the bottom down like a total Monet. 

Good news is, we can continue this chillin’ at the Capital Awards with our best IABC homeslices because I am sure y’all are psyched to see familiar faces virtually and compare zoom conference blooper stats! 

We’re celebrating you and your team, so strike a pose and vogue!

Yes, this is the Capital Awards to celebrate your achievements! We know y’all worked hard, deserve mad props and a thunderous virtual applause for a job well done! If you’ve submitted your best work, (cool beans!) we can’t wait to let you know the results on May 28! 

If you are a student or new grad, this is a great opportunity to see how far you’ve come since you began your communications/public relations journey! If you submitted your best project you did in class and you’ll be getting feedback from veterans in the industry! Who knows? You may even win an award in your category! 

The perks for showing up

Can you smell what IABC Capital Awards is cooking? Not only are we celebrating you and your achievements, but we have prepared many awesome goodies for you!

When you get your ticket, you can also purchase a Pip cocktail kit! So snap up your tix, call dibs on a kit and be ready to get jiggy wit it to our ‘90s themed playlist while you wait for the Capital Awards to get rollin’. Oh! And rumour has it that all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips sketch comedy troupe Girl Brain will be hosting this unforgettable event that you will NOT want to miss! Yes! They are the real deal when it comes to comic appeal! 

So make sure to pick up your tickets today

Now, let’s pop that CD in, crank up the volume, channel our Fun Factory and sing it to the outro as we look forward to y’all grabbing your tickets yo! *sings* We’re throwing a celebration by the (virtual) sea, so let’s get together in peace and harmony. It’s a celebration so come and have some fun! Oh oh oh oh oh *fade out* 


Blog written by: Heather Mah, IABC Student Member. 

Heather is a new grad from the Public Relations program at MacEwan University and a volunteer for the IABC Capital Awards. In her spare time, she is either job hunting in the PR wilderness, burying her nose in a book, working on her novel or translating and editing TikTok videos for fun.