Capital Awards – Enter your work!

Ground control reporting to Edmonton communicators: we’re ready to receive your Capital Awards submissions!

In a blink of an eye, our earth has completed one revolution around the sun and another year of  Capital Awards is just around the corner. That’s right! Capital Awards 2022 is launching into both physical and virtual space on Friday, June 3, 2022! We’ve now embarked on our expedition in search of star communicators to submit their most intergalactic work, and we believe YOU and your team have some out-of-this-world creative projects to be contenders for the Capital Awards 2022! So what are you waiting for? Ah stardust! You want to read more before submitting! We gotchu! Keep reading.

Just the name “Capital Awards” alone is already a loud proclamation in CAPITAL letters — WE ARE CELEBRATING YOU! Yes, we know you, along with your professional communicator colleagues, have been marking your past year with milestone achievements that deserve its shining moment beneath the starlight! We know you’ve ventured into innovative communication territories where no person has gone before, and we want to hear all about it through your submissions!

This is your opportunity to get your name out there, to be recognized for the brilliant work that you do, to inspire others to explore new frontiers of communications and to claim your earned place among the stars!

You can start this mission to get recognition by sending in your submission and we will handle everything from here: to infinity…and beyond!

Visit our Launch Pad and submit your work by March 15 at midnight to get in on early-bird pricing. Other important dates to consider are as follow:

Standard submissions deadline: March 29 @ midnight

Late submissions: April 5 @ midnight

Are you ready for take off? We know we are!

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Blog post written by Heather Mah, IABC Member

Heather is a Digital Coordinator for the Edmonton International Airport and a volunteer for the IABC Capital Awards. In her spare time, she is either burying her nose in a book, growing her knowledge in Affinity Photoshop and Designer, and editing TikTok videos for fun.