Here’s what we’re not: boring, dry, and buttoned up to the nostrils. What we are is an oasis for warm, creative, interesting people who love business communications and want to hang out with—and learn from—their peers.

Who We Are

IABC Edmonton is a professional association that prefers to do without the stuffiness that sometimes accompanies business events. Our more than 450 members range from students to seasoned professionals.

Our Board

The women and men of IABC’s Edmonton board come from all levels and backgrounds, sharing a love for business communication and a belief that professional development should be exciting, inspiring and fun.

Our Committees

Throughout the year, the board puts together committees of volunteers to meet its goals. Examples include the Communications Committee, Capital Awards Program Committee, and Capital Awards Gala Committee.

Code of Ethics

All IABC members worldwide subscribe, as a condition of their membership, to the IABC Code of Ethics. The principles behind our code of ethics are that professional communications should be legal, ethical, and in good taste.


We offer a variety of cool sponsorship opportunities and work with you to create a stellar sponsorship package so you get the most out of partnering with us.

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