Rainforest YEG Volunteer Opportunity

Rainforest Alberta - yeg 
Rainforest Alberta is a province-wide grassroots initiative that brings entrepreneurs, innovators, and various ecosystem supports together to create unplanned connections and build a culture that supports the transition of Alberta's economy from resource-based to knowledge-based. We want Albertan's to know that they do not have to move away to invent, commercialize, or prosper.
The Edmonton chapter of Rainforest Alberta is looking for volunteers to help educate to engage our diverse stakeholders, including all stages of entrepreneurs, academia, experienced business people, and the various support organizations and helpers across the innovation ecosystem. They are looking for up to three volunteers to fill the following roles:

Communications Lead

This role is perfect for someone who is interested and wants to learn the Rainforest values/system and use that information to support Rainforest Edmonton’s three pillars:
  • Educate: Share info and knowledge about Rainforest methodology and why the movement is important. Mostly from existing resources, but also finding other articles and interpreting them through a Rainforest Edmonton lens.
  • Engage: Using primarily social media, get the community talking, reply to tweets and whatever else to get people thinking about Rainforest (entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, teachers, government, and more
  • Community: Share content and information from and about the rest of the innovation community. Share success stories, examples of role models, interesting events, ... pump everyone else up!


If creating is your jam and social media is your peanut butter, this role is perfect for you. You’ll create long and short form blog content, YouTube videos, Instagram stories or other creative ways to educate people and the Who, What, Why, Where and When of Rainforest Edmonton.


Event/Community Coordinator

More of a people person? This community manager-type role might be just what you’re looking for. You will work on special events, manage invitations and logistics using Eventbrite, manage mailing lists and other tasks as needed to contribute to amazing events hosted by Rainforest Edmonton.


If you’re interested in any of these roles or have questions, please contact the IABC Edmonton Senior Director, Volunteers, Rachelle Tedder at rachellet3@gmail.com or 780-292-6363.