Table for 8? Buying a table vs. flying solo

Jackie Ost-Sargent | April 12, 2017

With the angles unraveled and poured out into your award entry, it’s time to to look upon the next chapter of our story - the IABC Capital Awards Gala, taking place at the Blatchford Air Hangar at Fort Edmonton Park.

But do you fly solo, bring a friend, or get a whole table?

If you’re an agency who submitted a project you did for a client, I think the answer is pretty simple: buy a table.

And don’t just bring your agency colleagues - push past the obvious and expand your invite to include part of your client’s team. Bring those who helped you get the project done: the boots on the ground, the people who helped you navigate the system in order for you to achieve communications success. Show them your appreciation, that the award is as much about them as it is you.

If your award was submitted by your own communications team, then do it - get the table.

Yes, the economy is tight. But when your team does something that is above and beyond, they peered deep into the corners and helped imagine a future that came to life, they created a story epic enough to be considered for an IABC Capital Award, shouldn’t that be recognized with something a little more than a pat on the shoulder and a “good job?”

Get the table.

Finally, for those of you who practice in a one-person shop, the sole keeper and teller in your organization, the only one who understands what you do and why you do it, buy yourself a ticket.

Buy a ticket for a friend, a partner, or come alone.

If you have submitted an award entry, this is your night to be amongst the other keepers and tellers. Regale them with how you searched the darkness - without a budget - and created your own devices of greatness. And maybe - just maybe - you will be called on stage to accept your well-deserved recognition for a job well done.

See you on May 25, 2017!

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