IABC Edmonton is the International Chapter of the Year

| February 13, 2018

By Maya Filipovic, President

I think it’s safe to say that Edmontonians typically embody the definition of “humble braggers”. We quietly succeed and improve, and seldom tout our accomplishments from the rooftop. Well, I’m about to flex my touting muscles and proclaim just how amazing our local IABC Edmonton chapter is.

Every year, IABC Edmonton sends members of our Executive team to Leadership Institute, an IABC conference that brings together chapter leaders from around the world to share best practices, make connections and bring home inspiring ideas.

The first event at the conference is the Chapter Management Awards ceremony, which recognizes the hard work of chapters and individuals from around the world. We wanted to make a splash at the awards ceremony, so that our chapter would be recognized on a large scale during our 40th anniversary year. And did we ever make a splash. Our chapter was awarded with seven Chapter Management Awards AND we won Large Chapter of the Year AND International Chapter of the Year.


Those of us in San Diego were so proud to receive the (never-ending supply of) awards! It is a heart-warming feeling to be recognized among so many talented and inspiring communications colleagues from around the world.

This recognition is the result of several years of planning, execution and good old-fashioned hard work by our entire board. Putting together a strong award application is no simple feat: our amazing Vice President, Amanda LeNeve and Senior Director of Finance, Megan Thorburn, spent over 40 hours working with team members to compile information and write up the submissions.

IABC Edmonton

Senior Director of Finance Megan Thorburn, Senior Director of Membership Jacqueline Janelle, President Maya Filipovic and Vice President Amanda LeNeve at the 2018 Chapter Management Awards ceremony in San Diego, California.


Chapter Management awards won by IABC Edmonton include:

  • Communications Management (Award of Merit)
  • Student involvement (Award of Merit)
  • Professional development (Award of Merit)
  • Membership marketing (Award of Merit)
  • Financial management (Award of Excellence)
  • Sponsorship (Award of Excellence)
  • Event management (Award of Excellence)

When awarding us the International Chapter of the Year, Sharon Hunter, chair of the International Executive Board, highlighted the growth of our social media channels, the high participation rate of our mentorship program and record-breaking award submissions and attendance at Capital Awards.

Our chapter is also in great company. Newfoundland & Labrador was awarded Small Chapter of the Year, while Wellington, New Zealand won Medium Chapter of the Year. We are taking the Large and International Chapter crown from IABC Calgary, and feel so proud about keeping these prestigious awards in Alberta!

Thank you to all our board members from the past few years, especially our Past President Angela Saveraux who paved our 2016-2017 strategy, and to all the volunteers who helped us execute it. We look forward to celebrating these wins as well as our anniversary with all of you at the Capital Awards gala!

More info: https://www.iabc.com/2018-chapter-management-award-winners-announced/?utm_source=8FebruaryDigest&utm_medium=email


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