IABC Capital Awards 2019: an event you want to attend

Andrew Dunaenko | March 11, 2019

The 2019 IABC Edmonton Capital Awards are now open for entries. IABC Edmonton is celebrating 41 years of dedication and commitment to the scientific process in communications. If you have never entered your work before, could this be the year? Need some convincing? Capital Awards are valuable for so many reasons.

Entering for a Capital Award is such a great way to get inspired and motivated. As you start on the entry and are reminded about that successful plan you executed last year, it feels good to brag a bit and share those results with your peers. Even if you didn't meet your objectives, you learned something for the next time around. Communications is a continuous improvement cycle, formulating ideas, trying things, building on what you've learned.  It's something to be celebrated.

As mentioned, there so many great reasons to enter but I was curious to know why long time sponsor, and local marketing agency, FKA continued to enter and be involved. I caught up with President, Rob Jennings and Director of Communications Services, Kerry Bezzanno to hear their thoughts on why they continue to be a part of the 2019 IABC Edmonton Capital Awards.

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I asked Rob what his favorite part of the IABC Capital Awards were, and he shared that “there is a briskness to the evening, IABC showcases what matters, it is an awards show with functionality, it is remarkably aligned with the industry and the most efficient way to showcase what we do.” Rob continued, “Clients and agencies can also submit together as joint entrants, and it promotes collaboration within communications.”

Kerry Bezzanno, also a long time member of IABC Edmonton said, “there are not only submissions from organizations but also individuals including students, so everyone is given a platform to showcase and celebrate their work regardless of where they are in their career and how long they’ve been in the industry.”

Rob also mentioned “I am a fan of the element of additional or specific awards. For example, Inspired Leader of the Year is not always a communicator but a business leader or someone that sees and understands the organizational objectives.”

I asked Kerry what advice she would like to share with a person or student looking to submit an entry for the first time and she said, “focus on the results achieved, including ensuring your objectives are measurable.” Kerry further noted that, if you are a student, winning an IABC Capital Award is a great way to start building your credibility.

Rob added “winning a Capital Award is a form of industry credibility with proven results.” He continued “the Capital Awards is a great demonstration of the effect of our work in front of the demographic that understands what we do. We welcome the competition, because it only contributes to the overall success of the communications industry.”

Great thoughts to hear from both of them, and when closing out the conversation, Rob and Kerry both grinned as Rob said “you are only as good as your last IABC Capital Award.”  As I gazed at the collection of awards proudly on display in their boardroom.

The call for submissions is now open and tickets to the gala are on sale in Eventbrite. Whether you are a student, new grad or an industry professional, the 2019 IABC Edmonton Capital Awards is a program that adds nothing but value to the communications industry.

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