Event Recap: “The Changing Face of Government Relations” Professional Development and Networking Session

| October 21, 2016

Kristin Anderson brought a diverse crew to the IABC Edmonton Professional Development and Networking event “The Changing Face of Government Relations”. The crowd ranged from corporate communications to government relations professionals to not-for-profit and agencies. Her presentation started with a lay-of-the-land and how the changes in the political arena over the last 18 months have impacted the way government relations is doing business, particularly in Alberta.

Her focus on the emerging younger demographic with an emphasis on the over 8% increase in female voters nationally, was not only interesting but reminded us that the way government relations was previously done is a thing of the past. The demands of this new generation of voters and what they are looking for from government does not just impact your taxes, it impacts all industries and as such, government relations had to adapt.

The biggest takeaway was the reminder that regardless of which party you support or if you are happy with the work your government is doing - politicians had the courage to step up, put their name on a lawn sign and work tirelessly for their constituents in which they represent. It was a very refreshing thing to be reminded of and something that will stick with me the next time I pick up the newspaper.

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