Cheers to Careers 2017

| March 31, 2017

With winter on its way out and signs of spring starting to appear, March hints at renewal. It was a good month, then, for IABC’s annual Cheers to Careers, an event focused on ways to refresh your communications career.

Changing jobs
If it’s time for a job change to expand your horizons, these tips may help you get started, especially if you haven’t been on the job market for a while.

Look closely at your resume. Where can you tweak wording or format to improve impact? Nikki Van Dusen, who was reviewing resumes, suggested using action verbs to describe past jobs, instead of only job titles. For example, instead of “newsletter writer,” write “wrote monthly newsletters.”

Do a mock interview with a trusted colleague. Ashton Paulitsch, acting as a mock interviewer, said that your answer to “Tell me about yourself” should demonstrate your skills. Don’t list your experience; tell your work story with flair. 

Mock Interviews 

Not ready for or interested in a job change? Perhaps investing in education can propel you to the next career stage. Some excellent programs are available right here in Edmonton, such as MacEwan University’s Public Relations Diploma and the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension’s Social Media Marketing and Communications Citationor, Master of Arts in Communications and Technology.

Professional development
If formal education isn’t for you, you can expand your career knowledge and options in other ways. For example, IABC offers Communication Management Professional Certification and professional development opportunities such as local PD sessions and IABC Academy workshops and webinars

Don’t forget… March is IABC Mentorship Month. Join or reinstate your membership before the end of the month to receive special offers.

Cheers to our sponsor
Cheers to the U of A Faculty of Extension’s Social Media Marketing and Communications Citation program for sponsoring Cheers to Careers. A shout-out also goes to 9910, whose food fueled the fun. 

If your organization or company would like to sponsor an event, contact Kris Berezanski, senior director of sponsorship, at 780-920-9619.

Cheers to your career!

Tracey Anderson is a writer and editor who is curious about the world and enjoys using language to share information and inspiration. She taught English in China, Macedonia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Find Tracey on Twitter: @tracey_anderson.

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