A Message from the Outgoing President

| April 16, 2013


Well, it has been a great year for me at the helm of this organization and I’m very honoured to have had the opportunity to serve. I learned a lot about management and leadership and developed great friendships with many of our board members and IABC Edmonton members.

I’ve been President of IABC Edmonton for the past year. As of May 25, 2013 at our AGM, I’ll be passing the torch over to Vania Asenova, our incoming President, and the newly elected 2013-2014 Board of Directors.

A few programming highlights this year have been:

  • The launch of this new website
  • Hosting of the Dare to Lead conference, an annual gathering of Western Canada IABC Chapter Board members
  • Several mentoring/networking events for students and new members interested in diving into the deep end of the communications business in Edmonton
  • Our always-stellar lineup of PD lunch sessions
  • Publication of our monthly newsletter (which has become fantastic over the past few years in my opinion)
  • The continuation of our popular Jobline emails
  • An informative and engaging social media presence
  • And as always, our incredible local awards show, the Capital Awards

On a more macro level, this year really clarified for me just how dynamic and talented the professional communications community in Edmonton is. We are one of the biggest and healthiest IABC chapters on the planet (I think we’re 6th in the world in terms of the size of our membership) and we punch above our weight in terms of the number of events we do, the number of people who attend, the fact that we do a local awards show (many places don’t) and many other metrics.

My time as President has given me the chance to see the Edmonton communications community in comparison with others, and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather work. This is a great town with a great communications community and we should all be proud of it.

As my time on the board is winding down I want to encourage all members who are thinking about getting more involved to do it. It really is worth the time commitment in benefits to your career, and beyond that it is just a lot of fun. If you think you might want to get involved but you aren’t quite sure please get in touch with me and we can grab a coffee to talk about it.

I want to thank and acknowledge the work of all our Board members and volunteers this year, and I wish the 2013-14 Board all the best. Most importantly, thank you for being a member. I hope you find your membership in this organization worthwhile.


Justin Archer

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