Beers, Careers and New Year Cheers!

Ben Freeland | February 25, 2015

Let’s face it – New Year’s Eve can be a real disappointment much of the time. That’s why at IABC Edmonton, we prefer to wait until at least a few weeks into January before holding our beginning-of-the-year celebration, which we did this year on January 22 at the Yellowhead Brewery.

The year 2015 finds Edmonton at a curious juncture. While the city continues to grow at breakneck speed, both architecturally and population-wise, the recent drop in oil prices has cast something of a shadow over the province’s economy. And while jobs for aspiring communicators continue to be in the offing in Edmonton, this latest shift in the province’s economic climate means fewer certainties for young graduates entering the profession and older professionals making a career change.

But if any such anxiety is present in Edmonton’s professional communications community, none was on display at IABC Edmonton’s inaugural 2015 event, which attracted an energetic mix of seasoned IABCers and newcomers – including numerous current MacEwan PR students.

As usual, the food and drink were superb, and the quality and quantity of door prizes were first-rate. The portable phone chargers, undoubtedly the most practical of the gifts, appeared to be the most sought-after.

Doom-and-gloom prognostications aside, 2015 looks to be an exciting year for both the local chapter and the organization as a whole. On the local front, IABC Edmonton is moving towards a much more collaborative relationship with CPRS’ Edmonton chapter, a move from which every communicator in the city stands to benefit. And on the international level, IABC is in the midst of one of its biggest transformations in years, with a new brand, a new certification process, and a renewed energy. And let’s not forget about this year’s IABC World Conference, held in the organization’s international home base of San Francisco!

As for our current economic climate, there is no better insurance in the face of employment uncertainties than professional networking, and we at IABC Edmonton have got lots more of that lined up for 2015. And if the attendance at this event is any indication, they’ll be more than worth the cost of admission. So cheers to careers indeed! (Although with our ‘Beers & Careers’ event coming shortly after this event, we probably need to think of some new names for these things.)


Editor's note: You can check out our Facebook page for photos of the event -- we sure are an attractive bunch! :) 

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