An Exciting New Year for IABC Edmonton: A Message from the President

Maya Filipovic | January 05, 2018

Happy New Year!

The new year is an opportunity to look back at our accomplishments and look forward to what’s to come. For IABC Edmonton, our chapter continues to thrive. We have now moved into the spot for second largest chapter in the world with over 500 members - which is a feat we don’t take lightly. Back when I joined the board in 2010, we were the fifth largest and had just under 400 members. Our growth is both a testament to the hard work of our incredibly talented board of directors, but also your continued support and advisement in what we do, and how to do it better year after year.

I was advised I had a specific word count to adhere to for this post, so I don’t have enough room to list all of our accomplishments over the past year. However, some highlights include:

  • We’re in the second year of our board restructure, which created two tiers of governance. The restructuring helped us strengthen our ability to plan strategically, while ensuring strong succession planning and effective utilization of our volunteers. We’ve noticed great improvements in how we operate with this new structure.
  • Our Mentorship program continues to be successful. It’s so admiring to see so many of you who are interested in either giving back to raise up our next generation of communicators, or actively seeking to advance your skills and knowledge.
  • We’ve held eight events since our new board year began in July, between networking events, professional development, and special interest group get-togethers. Our goal is to offer you enough variety so that you are getting everything you need out of your membership.
  • Our social media channels continue to grow. We’re thrilled to be able to engage with both our members and the larger communications community through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and looking forward to seeing these grow even more.

2018 is going to be a big year for us - we’ll be celebrating a milestone anniversary: our 40th! We’ll be honouring the past 40 years throughout the year, and will celebrate it in style at our Capital Awards Gala in May. I also hope you’ll consider some of the stellar work you’ve done over the past year and enter it for a Capital Award (or 10). Watch our website, your email, and our social media channels for details on when we’re launching the awards program!

We’ll also be launching our own IABC Edmonton app as well as adding some new categories to our Jobline board - stay tuned for those!

I feel very privileged to work alongside such dedicated and committed directors and volunteers, who are doing an amazing job to ensure our objectives and vision are met, and that our over 500 members are getting the programming and services you expect from us.

In closing, thank you, to all our members, for your continued support and encouragement. I hope 2018 is the best year yet for all of you.


Maya Filipovic

President, IABC Edmonton


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