A Warm Welcome from IABC Edmonton President Amanda LeNeve

Amanda LeNeve | September 12, 2018

Welcome back from what I hope has been a great summer, IABC Edmonton.

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to the routine that September brings and applying a refreshed perspective that the summer has helped you form.

This is certainly the case for IABC Edmonton. Our Board of Directors started the new year on July 1 and have spent the summer planning and preparing to bring you a year full of learning, connecting and celebrating the successes of our chapter and its members. 

Thanks to our incredible volunteers over the years, Edmonton is a very strong chapter at the local level 500+ members, second largest in the world and honoured as International Chapter of the Year earlier this year. We are very proud of the local programs and resources we offer.

But over the coming year, we’re focused on the “I” in IABC — International. Our organization also has an incredible extended network at the regional, national and international levels. And there are many of ways you can take advantage of it.

We’re ecstatic that the IABC World Conference will be hosted in Vancouver, BC in June. I may be biased, but this is one of the best conferences to attend as a communicator and we’re extremely lucky for it to be taking place in our neighbouring province. IABC launched a new online community called The Hub, which has ignited a plethora of conversation and information sharing connecting IABC members around the world. There are a number of other useful tools and programs that I encourage you to watch for.

A focus on the global advantage of our organization doesn’t mean that our local focus is going away. Edmonton is also an important chapter that the rest of the world should know about, too. We were thrilled to hear that our very own Sue Heuman, ABC was honoured with the prestigious Master Communicator designation — the highest honour IABC Canada can bestow on a member. 

In May, we’ll be hosting IABC leaders from across Western Canada for the annual chapter leadership conference, Dare to Lead. There will be a number of opportunities to volunteer for this event and really show our colleagues why Edmonton matters.

There’s a lot more we’ll be doing and talking about over the next 10 months. On September 27, most of our board will be at our first networking event of the season Spelling Beers. I hope to see you there.

- Amanda

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