A love letter to you, from us

Danica Erickson | February 14, 2017

Dear Communicators:
We wanted to get you something extra special this year, more than the cliché chocolates and flowers. Instead, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to offer you a community.

We know one of the reason you chose a career in communications is the diversity of the profession, and we offer something for everyone. So this February, we’re asking you to love us. You know where to find us when you do — in the office, during the professional development event, at a coffee shop. There’s so many parts of us to love …

Love to connect?

Whether it’s a mixer or a meeting, communicators love to connect.  Find out what it takes to be a creative copywriter, a seasoned strategist or a diligent digital communicator at an upcoming networking event, such as Cheers for Careers. Connect at the Gold Quill Awards Gala to celebrate your successes with friends and colleagues. Visit the Events and Awards page to find out more about networking opportunities and ceremonies.

For those who like to be where the action is, consider one of our volunteer opportunities to find out how you can get involved. Don’t forget about Jobline, where you can connect with a new employer or employee.

Love to share?

Are you a seasoned professional ready to share your knowledge? Or are you new to the field, maybe still a student preparing for a communications career, and seeking guidance and support? Wherever you may be on your career path, IABC invites you to join us in shaping the future of communications in Edmonton through the IABC Edmonton Mentorship Program. The mentorship program can match you with someone to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with, or help you find someone to show you the ropes and guide you as you create a plan to achieve your professional goals

Love to learn?

Whether you are new to the field or feeling the need to get your groove back, one of IABC’s professional development sessions can keep you up-to-date on new developments in the profession, or help you keep your existing skills sharp in our ever-evolving industry. Information about advancements in communications technologies, tools to improve your work and research to enhance your knowledge are all just few click away.  Visit IABC Edmonton’s Events Calendar to find out about professional development opportunities.

Love to network worldwide?

If you are ready to take learning to the next level, become an IABC member and access a world of online workshops, webinars and learning resources to help you take your knowledge to the next level.  Membership also gives you access to exclusive, international learning opportunities, career postings, invitations to special events, resources to expand your knowledge and support your work, and a network of colleagues worldwide to connect with, just by clicking on IABC.com.

Open your heart to us. We know you’ll fall in love.

Love, IABC Edmonton

Danica Erickson is a communications generalist with a background working in not-for-profits and municipal government. In 2012 she followed a hunch that communications might be her calling, enrolled in the MacEwan University Public Relations diploma program, and has never looked back.

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