How to Sell Your Big Idea to Your Boss

Carissa Ng | March 25, 2016

Big ideas are exciting – especially when they are yours! However, selling them to your boss might not be as easy as you think. What you may see as a groundbreaking idea might cause you to overlook potential holes or risks associated with it. 

Before approaching management, here’s a checklist to help ensure that you have all of your bases covered:

  1. Separate yourself from your big idea and look at it objectively.
  2. Write a proposal that includes:
    • Objectives that would be achieved based on strategic organizational priorities or a previously approved communications plan
    • Logistics
    • SWOT
    • Budget
    • Incentives/prizes or sponsorship opportunities
    • ROI’s, KPI’s wherever possible
    • Research - there’s nothing better than backing up your idea with quantitative or qualitative data
    • Visuals – breathe life into your idea by making it easy for your manager to see your plan in action.
  3. Send the proposal to a non-biased individual that you trust to receive honest feedback from.
  4. Schedule a meeting and provide a quick summary of what you want to discuss and attach the proposal for their review.
  5. Keep a record of your big idea because it may come in handy in the future.

In today's busy work environments, it can at times be difficult to break from what might be working just fine. But rather than let yourself become stuck in the same routines, same programs, same ways of doing things, be willing to think creatively and try new things.

And most important of all, have confidence in your idea and be bold. There's no guarantee your boss will be on board every time, but will most certainly appreciate the initiative and well-planned approach. And if he/she is receptive....well, who knows, your idea just might be the next big thing!


Carissa Ng is an enthusiastic content strategist. After graduating from the University of Victoria’s Public Relations diploma program in 2014, she has focused on interacting with consumers - online and offline, planning for success, and executing creative ideas. During the day, Carissa is the Media Relations & Marketing Coordinator for the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, and continues to be a Professional Communications student through Royal Roads University in the evening. She has a cat named George - the cutest thing, she believes, to be on four legs. As a lover of learning, Carissa enjoys learning to play the piano, as well as learning Mandarin and Spanish in her spare time.

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