Starting the New Year with Planning: January Mentorship Recap

Tracey Anderson | February 01, 2017

A new year often means new plans, so 2017’s first mentorship event, on January 10, focused on strategic communications planning. Since this aspect of communications is often collaborative, discussions took place in teams of mentors and mentees, highlighting how group input can combine strengths and ideas into a thorough creative plan.

Jan Mentorship 4 StitchedThe Situation

To guide the discussions, teams chose to generate a plan for one of four situations presented. The scenarios highlighted a variety of possible employers, including non-profits, corporations and agencies.  Since budget is critical when formulating any communications plan, the scenarios incorporated the range of budgets communicators may have to work with, from no budget to unlimited.

Key Questions: Pre-Planning

Teams discussed these key questions communicators must answer before developing plan specifics:

  • problem/business need
  • research needed
  • audience analysis
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

Key Elements: The Plan

Using information from pre-planning, groups created their plans with these elements:

  • Goal
  • Strategy
  • SMART objectives (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time-based)
  • Tactics
  • Financial resources
  • Timelines
  • Evaluation

Planning Tip

Before finalizing a plan, communicators can ask, "What three things could take this plan from good to excellent?" to spur innovative ideas.

Of course, each scenario would suggest themes and possibilities to explore (especially if budget weren’t a concern) but suggestions that night included celebrity involvement, ambassadors and retreats.

What innovative tactics have you used successfully?

Event Sponsorship

Our thanks to MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Communication Studies for the room and refreshments.Jan Mentorship Mac Ewan _University _logo _color

If your organization or company would like to sponsor a mentorship event, contact Senior Director of Sponsorship Kris Berezanski at 780-920-9619.

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