Cheers to Careers: Networking Just Might Land You a Job

Alison Richards | February 15, 2016

On February 9, IABC Edmonton toasted to careers, building networks, connecting and exploring futures. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us.

C2C_5 (1)Shout out to Laura Browning and Katelyn Blakely for their awesome volunteer work that evening!

Networking fuel was provided by The Common (and sponsored by MacEwan’s Bachelor of Communication Studies program); olive-oil popcorn and calamari were the standouts of the night.

We were fortunate to connect in the trendy new venue, 9910, beneath The Common. The atmosphere was ideal for networking. There was an open area by the bar, and intimate booths tucked away in the corners and adorned with gold-leafed wall-paper, and a stage.

In a venue such as 9910, the atmosphere is fairly casual, and it’s comfortable to approach people. My number one tip for networking is to get your foot in the water. This is only my third networking event, and I am already starting to see familiar faces. I met one lady at the event who had resolved to go to nine networking events last year!

Another tip: find a networking buddy and approach people together.

Career Preparation and Networking Advice

IABC Mentorship Program mentors Nikki Van Dusen and Carissa Ng, as well as Nancy Bray, directed resume reviews and offered interview tips.

William Au Photography helped to polish our job-hunting game with fresh professional LinkedIn headshots.

C2C_6Even if you’re not searching for a job, networking is a good way to build your network and learn about potential jobs.

Alison Karch from the Safety Codes Council discussed their open communications position, the company and their philosophy.

Steve Mebs joined us from Box Clever to talk to guests about their open account manager position. The company is looking for a good fit for the role and their atmosphere – who can best represent them with clients?

Janice Galloway from the Publicity Room was at the event and gave advice for those interested in starting their own public relations consultancy. Janice provides a unique mesh of fashion and public relations to her clients.

Start small and be realistic with your finances.

  • know your finances and get them in order
  • keep start-up costs to a minimum (don’t spend all your money on your dream office)
  • grow the business slowly (don’t expect to have a full staff from the get-go)

C2C_4Become involved in your area of interest:

  • Janice was interested in fashion and became involved in all areas of the fashion world
  • Build a client base -- Janice gained client attention from her fashion blog
  • Develop a well-rounded knowledge of that industry

Be organized

  • A consultant is their own manager, and must be organized with their clients
  • Google Drive is a tool to share contracts between you and the client

Continuing Education in Communications

Colin Babiuk joined us from the Public Relations program at MacEwan University. This program is a great starting point for those who are looking to enter the communications field or wanting to specify their role in communications. This program is offered on a part-time or full-time basis.

Looking beyond a diploma?

Eileen Crooks of the University of Alberta was at the event to promote their Masters in Communications and Technology program. It’s perfect for mid-career working professionals who want to grow their experience and advance in the workplace. This program involves a three-week residency and is available online. 

Alison Richards is currently studying public relations at MacEwan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from MacEwan.


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