Communications is a Spectrum of Colors

Alison Richards | April 12, 2016

When I first entered the communications field, I saw my future career in black or white. I thought I would venture into government or agency work, possibly non-profit. However, as I attend more IABC mentoring events, my understanding of communications is diversifying.

At the latest Mentorship Program Paths event, held at the end of March, I had the opportunity to hear first-hand from communications professionals what it’s like to work in differing industries.

One discussion I had with Geoff Grimble from DDB Canada, helped me to understand the variety of work available, even within an individual industry. I have an interest in non-profit, and I didn’t expect the possibility of working in an agency to fulfill this interest. However, after a valuable discussion with Geoff, I learned that doing advocacy work for government or non-profits is possible within an agency.

The lesson I took away from this conversation is to not be restricted by only exploring a single industry. There are opportunities to follow your interest and passion where you may not initially expect them to be.

Think in colors, not in black in white.

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Alison Richards is currently studying public relations at MacEwan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from MacEwan.

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