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International recognition for professional communicators

Professional certification can elevate your career and help keep your skills fresh and applicable. It provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. And it could help you land your next big opportunity or perform at a higher level in your current role.

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) currently offers two certifications: the Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional, which follow the Global Standard of six essential guiding principles for the communication profession developed by IABC. Orient yourself within four career levels and define your career purpose. 

What about the ABC program?

Certification is not replacing accreditation. Certification is a new and different program, however, the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) program is no longer being offered. 

IABC remains very proud of accredited members. Earning an ABC remains a significant accomplishment. In fact, the ABC designation is valued by many companies and placement firms looking for the designation as a mark of quality and competence. Some post-secondary institutions, including Athabasca University, offer credits in recognition of the level of professionalism and ability the ABC designation signifies. 

ABCs should continue to use the designation on business cards, signatures and résumés.

Our ABCs

IABC Edmonton is pleased to recognize the following communication professionals who have earned the ABC designation:

  • Mary Pat Barry, ABC
  • Nancy Biamonte, ABC
  • Cecilia Bloxom, ABC
  • Carmelle D. Boston, ABC
  • Terese Brasen, ABC
  • Donna Call, ABC
  • Wendy E. Campbell, ABC
  • Pieter de Vos, ABC
  • Michael V. Dickinson, ABC
  • Kelly Eby, ABC
  • Lorelei A. Fiset-Cassidy, ABC
  • Colleen G. Foster, ABC
  • Beckie S. Garber-Conrad, ABC
  • Brian J. Geislinger, ABC
  • Sue Heuman, ABC
  • David Holehouse, ABC
  • Godfrey Huybregts, ABC
  • Ronald Kustra, ABC
  • Leah A. Lechelt, ABC
  • Lorraine Lynch, ABC
  • Kim Lynch-Staunton, ABC
  • Kathleen A. Maksymec, ABC
  • Raquel Maurier, ABC
  • Linda L. Moir, ABC
  • Don B. Reimer, ABC
  • Shannon E. Rupnarain, ABC
  • Colleen Scott, ABC
  • Sherrell Steele, ABC
  • Dennis R. Thomson, ABC
  • Dan VanKeeken, ABC
  • Teresa Williams, ABC