Deadlines, Schedule, and Pricing

Submitting your posting

Postings are updated and emailed to members early every Monday. View current postings in the members-only area. Please follow these steps when submitting:

  1. Review your posting. Information submitted is final, and IABC Edmonton is not responsible for errors in submissions.
  2. Submit your posting. If we get it and your payment by close of business on Friday, it will appear in the next week’s Jobline.
  3. Payment links will appear at the bottom of this page after the submission form has been successfully completed. You must click on the link, which will take you to Paypal.
  4. Make your payment on Paypal by credit card. You need a credit card to post on Jobline.

Failure to pay by the Friday afternoon deadline may result in your posting being excluded from Jobline.

To get the member rate, you must employ at least one IABC member on staff.

Rates (per posting)

  • $110 - Members
  • $160 - Non-Members  
  • $55 - Charitable Members 
  • $80 - Charitable Non-Members 

Effective immediately, please be advised that a 5% GST tax rate will be added to our existing Jobline rates (members, non-members, and charitable).